OpinioNation Inc. offers to Site-Licence clients, three TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRE Hardware Options:

i) Standard system

15" SVGA monitor & PC combo (normally this unit is placed into a kiosk);

ii) The Wedge

An All-In-One Pentium computer system equipped with the latest in touch screen technology. The unit is very portable, rugged, dependable, and compact, weighing approximately 12 pounds. The unit is 8 inches in height, 13 inches in width, and 12 inches in length. The TOUCHSCREEN is built right into the unit and is 12 inches. The Wedge is a totally PC compatible Pentium computer.

iii) The All-In-One Profile

The most advanced all-in-one touch screen computer unit available anywhere. The dimensions of this special unit is 15.4"x15.75"x7(WxHxD) weighing only 17 lbs. The screen is a 15" XGA Active Matrix TFT Colour Display.  Also included is a multimedia package, CD ROM, modem, network capability, keyboard and mouse. The unit is configured and designed to operate our special PollMaker 7 software.


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