OpinioNation Inc. has been asked by various individuals and Corporations about entering into a licensing agreement for the use of our TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRES in countries other than Canada and the United States.

OpinioNation Inc. has recognized that international investors may wish to bring to their countries, OpinioNation Inc. and our very specialized TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRES. To meet this need, OpinioNation Inc. offers, International Site-Licensing Agreements.

How this work’s is under the name of OpinioNation International Inc. investors can obtain an International Site-License for their country or designated area. This license is a "TURNKEY OPERATION," everything is included. The TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRE, our special PollMaker software, licensee training sessions, and supporting application manuals.

Under this agreement you can:

a) conduct individual projects within your country (or assigned geographic area);
b) offer Site Licenses to clients within your country (or assigned geographic area).
It is important to note that you do not have to be a citizen of the country you are interested in (expect where prohibited by law) but the designated country will be the only area you can conduct business.

For more information regarding international investment opportunities please contact:


Michael Keane
OpinioNation Inc.
Suite 750
130 Slater Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1P 6E2

TEL. (613) 569-0002
FAX. (613) 594-8705




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