The poll response data generated from your polls is the key to developing useful, unbiased information directly from your customers. Therefore, PollMaker includes several features to help you manage this critical poll response data. From within the Poll Manager application you have the option to manage data for any poll currently residing on the local machine by selecting the "Manage Data" button (figure 1).

Figure 1:  Poll Manager Quick Pick Screen

A data management dialog box (figure 2) is displayed that allows you to select one of the data management actions:

  • Index Poll Results - As a poll runs, the response data provided by respondents is written to a poll response result data file. When this action is selected, all unprocessed result data files are processed and indexed into the data repository for that poll. PollMaker uses a Microsoft Access database file as the data repository for each poll. If a data repository for the current poll does not yet exist, one will be created automatically. PollMaker performs this action automatically whenever you run a poll report for this poll.
  • Dump Poll Results - Erases all poll response result data files and the data repository for the currently selected poll.
  • Compact Database - Compacts the poll repository database to recover wasted disk space. The PollMaker system will periodically compact the database, but it is a good idea to compact your data repository manually to assure good performance from the database.
  • Repair Database - If your poll repository database ever becomes corrupted due to a hardware failure or interruption of power, you may need to take this action in an attempt to repair the database. This action would only be taken under direction from PollMaker Technical Support.
  • Archive Data - Archives data from your poll repository database. In this case the data is removed from the database and stored in a separate file. You can choose to archive all data or only data prior to a specified date. This feature can be useful to remove old data from your poll repository that you wish to keep, but that you no longer wish to take up space in your poll repository.
  • Clean-Up Old Files - When poll result data files are indexed into the poll data repository (see Index Poll Results above), the result data files are not deleted. In order to conserve disk space, this action compresses all processed result data files into an archive file. You can choose to compress all processed result data files or only those files created before a specified date. Selecting the Archive Data action (see above) also performs a clean-up of any related result data files. Therefore, if you choose to archive data, you do not also need to clean-up old result data files.

Figure 2:  Poll Manager Data Management Dialog Box


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