1. A TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRE can be pre-programmed with 1000 questions of your choice and up to 100 answers for each question. It also has the capability to do multiple answers and ranking of the answers.

2. Surveys can be conducted in English, French, Spanish or most other languages for that matter.

3. Persons with disabilities, regardless of the type of disability can easily and independently use our TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRE.

4. Questions are timed to prevent "slack time" or walk-aways from tying up the computer. All questions previously answered are automatically saved when the computer resets.

5. Automatically poll your respondents daily with little personnel time.

6. A TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRE can be easily relocated to various locations and be in operation in less than a minute.

7. The TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRES are "kid-proof" and "interact" with respondents like a human would, except that the respondent knows that his/her answers are totally anonymous, thus avoiding the common bias that occurs when intercept pollsters are utilized.

8. A TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRE can be reprogrammed to add, delete or change the order of questions in minutes or if required, change to a completely new survey.

9. TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRE can be programmed to "TREE" and "SKIP" Respondents. Complete logic programming will:

  • "Tree" respondents into other questions based upon prior answers.
  • Automatically skip certain questions.
  • Turn SURVEYCENTRE on or off with time variables.
  • Make SURVEYCENTRE and surveys "kid-proof".
  • Shift to several different questionnaires with the same program.
  • Record exact year, month, day, hour and minute that a respondent completed the survey.

10. Special "on-screen touch-keypad" features can allow respondents to "touch-input" items such as: name, address, job title postal code, US zip code, phone / fax numbers, E-mail address, or other special information, such as: employee / membership numbers, etc...

11. Information/Message screens can be added that will fully explain new/current programs/services, issues, proposals, products, specific information, special events, etc... These screens can be placed anywhere within a survey or as a result of a respondent's previous answer. Screens can be presented in either graphic or text mode.

12. The TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRE has its own Report Generator:

a) Detailed Reports that would take other research firms one to two weeks to prepare can now be a clients hand in presentation format in minutes.

b) View instantly the on-going survey results.

c) Pies and tables in 3-D presentation format.

d) CROSSTAB-BY-TOUCH feature complements our TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRE Instant Report Generator. Clients can publish detailed cross- tab results in seconds. This feature includes: typical stub and banner, multi-stub and banner; multi-stub/multi-banner.

e) Statistical Weighing feature.

f) Present results in a professional report form on screen and in print.

13. Slide Show Feature transforms the TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRE into a vehicle that will deliver specific messages to respondents and clients. Slides can be displayed in Graphic or Text Modes. The sequence and time setting for the Slide Show can be set to your requirements.

14. Open-Ended Question & Lead Generation Feature allows you to specify what you desired in individual respondent input. For example: Name; Company, Address; Postal Code; Title or Position; Phone, Fax, E-mail, Numbers; Organization, School, Institution; etc...

This feature was designed to assist clients in obtaining information regarding: requests for information on services, programs, products, asking for personal staff contact or assistance, make it possible for client/customer service representative to follow-up on unsatisfactory service or complaints, obtain contacts for mailing list/data bases, etc...

For Open-Ended Questions, this feature allows clients the ability to:

  1. acquire information from open-ended survey questions;
  2. and b) registers additional comments and opinions. The Lead Generation and Open-Ended Question reports can be run separately or as part of the main report.


15. Grid Questions Feature allows respondents an easier way to answer related issues with a common rating scale. This feature will speed up survey time and will make the survey experience simpler for the respondent.

16. Sound Feature: Utilizing .wav files sound can be added to enhance questionnaires, information and message screens.

17. Introduction and Thank You screens customized for clients.

18. All surveys can be customized with the client's name and logo. Graphics can be included as part of the questions, answers, introduction, information, message and thank you screens.

19. Surveys, response files and reports can be modem-transmitted.

20. All responses are saved and automatically key-punched instantly.

21. Computers automatically "boot" without the use of a keyboard.


23. Several of TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRES can be used at a single location at the same time.

24. Software is written to be compatible with leading data manipulators for massive cross-tabulations, such as SPSS, SAS, Excel, etc...

25. Computers can be cabinetized to match client's decor.

26. Multi Level Password Protection Feature. Theft of data disc will yield no confidential results.

27. Location code can be programmed for each survey site.


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