As never before competition in the marketplace is becoming more and more competitive. To meet the challenge for continued success and growth in today's business climate one must have the ability to evaluate the ever evolving needs of the consumer and to measure accurately the satisfaction of your customers/clients on an on-going basis. Our TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRE is the most advanced, yet user-friendly market research tool available to assist business, government, and associations in meeting this goal.

Many companies, government departments and organizations have asked OpinioNation Inc. about entering into a licensing agreement for the use of our TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRES. OpinioNation Inc. has recognized the need by both private and public sector clients to have available, on an on-going basis, very affordable, user friendly, computer technology capable of providing a wide range of market research and evaluation services. To meet this need, OpinioNation Inc. offers a Site-Licensing Program for our TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRES. This program is a "TURNKEY OPERATION", everything is included. The TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRE, our special PollMaker software, licensee training sessions, and supporting application manuals.

There are many advantages to the Site-Licensing Program but the one most often stated by clients is the fact that they can conduct many different surveys, as often as they wish, for the cost of a single survey offered by other firms. Also by touching a button "detailed" results are available in presentation report format in an instant.

OpinioNation Inc. has site-licensed clients who have conducted for their organizations more than 70 evaluations and studies of various types. They have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for their organizations. Just think, not only can you conduct a key project or two but now you can complete your wish list all for the same fee.

You are able to extensively survey respondents as a group or by individual demographics such as: language; gender; age; residence; postal code; US zip code; occupation; income; education; areas of interest; current & past usage of services & programs; location where service was provided; level of satisfaction; services and programs utilized from competitors, other departments or levels of governments; issue, promotion, advertising, awareness; future needs; etc.

For conference/trade show evaluations: respondent profiles; business/industry sectors; satisfaction ratings on items such as: workshops, speakers, facilities, registration; hotel, meals, translation, topic relevance, signage, pre-conference communication, conference staff, etc.

For employee studies: department/division/branch; work location; years of service; job classification; full/part time; training level; union; etc . . .

For training Analysis: usefulness and/or satisfaction with instructors, course, materials, program, training facility; relevance to job; etc . . .




  • Site-Licensing Program is a "TURNKEY OPERATION", everything is included. The TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRE, our special PollMaker software, licensee training sessions, supporting application manuals and Help Line.
  • The Site-Licensing Program operates with its own proprietary software specially written for use on our TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRES all features listed on the previous pages are included as part of the software.
  • The PollMaker software is very user friendly with a menu, making evaluation studies and surveys exceptionally simple to program.
  • You may program and conduct as many surveys as you wish, as often as you wish.  The TOUCHSCREEN SURVEYCENTRE can also be utilized for conducting telephone, hard copy, and mail back surveys etc.



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