There's never been an easier way to obtain unbiased information from your customers. PollMaker software puts you in control of your data collection efforts.  You decide what data to collect from your customers and when you collect it.  You determine where your polling takes place and how your polling data is reported.  Now you have the power to create your own polls, run those polls and report on the resulting data.  Best of all, this extraordinary power comes in a software package that is compact, flexible and easy to use.

Use PollMaker to connect directly with your customers.  Do your customers think your prices are too high?  Do they read the newspapers in which you advertise?  Do they favor certain services over others?  With PollMaker, you get feedback directly from the source.  Your customers are the key to your success.  Now you have direct access to information about your customers allowing you to better target your products and services to them.

Exploit the power and flexibility of PollMaker:

  • Conduct a poll on a stand-alone machine, on several machines located in the same room or on several machines in remote locations.  Regardless of the number and location of your polling machines, PollMaker allows you to compile your results centrally for easy reporting and analysis.
  • Dictate the content and the look and feel of your polls.  You create your own polls from scratch - screen-by-screen, question-by-question - quickly and easily.  Within each individual screen, you control all visual elements including the layout and format of text, background, graphics, buttons and input fields.  You can even add sounds to your screens that are triggered by certain events.  As a result, you can design your polls to be consistent with your business' image and brand.
  • Apply logic in your polls so that a poll asks different questions depending on a respondent's answers given during the poll.  If you own a restaurant, you can create a poll that only asks about the lunch menu if a person indicates that they ate lunch at your restaurant.   You can even set up your polls in different languages and allow the respondent to decide in what language to respond.  As a result, PollMaker provides you with the ability to create polls that adapt to the specific circumstances of each customer.
  • Generate predefined reports and graphs to help turn your raw polling data into useful information.  You can use PollMaker reports to gain insight into customer activity, behavior and characteristics.
  • Export your raw data from PollMaker for use in spreadsheets, other databases or statistical analysis applications.  PollMaker provides powerful analysis tools with its included reports and graphs but also provides the flexibility to share data with other applications.
  • Protect the sensitive information provided by your customers through the use of encrypted data files.  In addition, the PollMaker software provides variable user security so that employees with different roles can have different levels of access to your polls and resulting data.
  • Discourage undesirable respondent activities that could impact the integrity of your polling data.  For example, create polls that discard results from incomplete polls, prevent respondents from skipping questions and/or prevent respondents from answering a question before having time to read it.

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