PollMaker provides all the necessary functionality to create, manage and run polls and report on the resulting polling data. Actually, PollMaker is a suite of applications that combine to form a complete data collection solution:

  • Poll Designer - for creating new polls and editing existing polls.
  • Poll Manager - for managing the location and data integrity of polls and for generating reports.
  • Polling Engine - for running polls.


Hardware/Software Requirements and Configurations
Learn more about the hardware and software that you need to run PollMaker applications and about different input devices that can be used when running a poll.

Poll Creation and Editing
Find out more about how you can create and edit polls using the Poll Designer application.

Poll Management and Execution
Discover options for managing your polls with Poll Manager and running your polls with the Polling Engine.

Poll Reporting
Learn about the different reports you can run against your polling data through the Poll Manager application.



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