As you build a poll, you will often want some continuity across all of the screens within that poll. To help you create polls more efficiently and maintain the same look and feel throughout your polls, PollMaker allows you to create screen templates. A screen template is simply a set of default property settings for a poll screen that control how the screen looks and behaves when you first create it. In Poll Designer, each poll screen derives its default property settings from a screen template. Unless you specify a screen template that you have created, your poll screens will be based on a default template that is included as part of Poll Designer.

Figure 1 - Poll Designer Main Screen showing the location of screen templates

Poll Designer makes it easy to create and edit your own screen templates by using the same design mode interface that is used for creating and editing poll screens. You use the Properties Grid to set the screen properties for the template just as you would if you were creating a poll screen from scratch. Once you have created your own screen templates, you no longer have to worry about setting all of your screen properties to be consistent throughout a poll. Using a template, you can choose to set them that way when you create each poll screen for the poll.


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